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Understanding the “coming and going” rule is essential

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | workers' compensation

When working in California, the “coming and going” rule must be considered if you have an accident. If you’re traveling from home to begin your workday when the incident occurs, you likely won’t get compensated. The same rule applies when you leave your office to go home. Once you leave, your work is finished. However, there are certain situations when you might be covered. Examining these circumstances is essential to determine if they qualify you to receive workers’ compensation.

Special situations or when running errands

If you’re injured outside of regular work hours while performing a “special mission” or errand for your employer, it may be covered under workers’ compensation. An errand or special mission might include getting coffee for your manager and the rest of the staff or picking up a package when you’re on a lunch break.

Traveling nurses and salespeople

When you’re on the road for a considerable amount of time due to being a traveling nurse or salesperson, travel is an integral part of your job description as you travel from client to client. With this job, you are probably exempt from the “coming and going” rule.

Business travel

Going on a business trip can qualify you to go through the workers’ compensation process if you get injured. You may even receive compensation if the injury occurred during recreation.

Assessing individual situations is essential

Determining if the “coming and going” rule applies to your situation can be done by assessing it and asking questions. Evaluating the circumstances can help you know if workers’ compensation applies. You probably won’t be covered if you conduct personal activities during business travel and get injured.

Knowing the ins and outs of the “coming and going” rule is critical to determining if you should receive workers’ compensation when an accident occurs and you get injured. If you find that you do qualify, you will receive the compensation you need to recover financially and physically.


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