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5 dangers of working in a warehouse

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2023 | Workplace Accidents

Workers injured on the job may benefit from worker’s compensation. Workers’ compensation can help provide medical insurance and lost wages. A warehouse is a common occupation where many workers suffer injuries.

Warehouse jobs are especially beneficial for the economy and workers are often well-paid for the exhaustive work they provide. While the pay may be great, that doesn’t mean the job isn’t without some dangers. Here are a few occupational hazards in warehouses:

1. Overexertion

Warehouse workers may be required to carry and lift heavy objects. While many people can do this once or twice without any difficulties, repeatedly doing this can cause overexertion. A worker may develop back, neck and joint pains if they are not properly trained to lift heavy objects. 

2. Forklift accidents

Workers should be trained and experienced to operate forklifts. Forklifts are just as dangerous as any other vehicle if left in the wrong hands. Because there are many people walking around in warehouses, injuries from a forklift collision can cause permanent and fatal injuries. 

Furthermore, the prongs on the front of forklifts used to slide under shipments are especially dangerous. The tips of these prongs are often sharp. In an accident, a worker may suffer a fatal puncture wound from a forklift.

3. Slips and falls

Warehouses are not always known to be the cleanest. The floors in warehouses may be covered in oil, liquids and wires. A worker who is unaware of a slick spot or obstacle on the ground could suffer from a slip-and-fall accident. A slip and fall could cause victims to suffer head and spine trauma. 

4. Falling boxes 

Shipments in warehouses often hold hundreds of pounds of commercial goods. These shipments may be placed on shelves or stacked on top of each other. If a crate suddenly fell, it could cause irreparable injuries to a worker.

5. Chemical exposure

Many shipments contain chemicals. If a worker was exposed to these chemicals in an accident, they could suffer burns, lung irritation and long-term medical conditions.

If you need to apply for workers’ compensation because you suffered injuries on the job, you may benefit from learning about your legal rights.


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