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Do you have a high-value workers’ compensation claim?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2023 | workers' compensation

The purpose of workers’ compensation is to facilitate payments to employees who suffer accidents or become incapacitated due to an injury or severe illness contracted while on the job. The compensation you would receive for your injuries depends on their severity.

When employees suffer minor injuries that do not have any long-term impact on their lives, the settlements received from workers’ compensation lawsuits are usually fair but modest. Injuries that are serious and require long-term medical care, cause persistent discomfort or lead to paralysis your claim may be categorized as high-value. 

Signs that your workers’ compensation claim is high-value

The following situations are good indicators that you have a high-value workers’ compensation claim:

  • Your workplace accident has devastated your life by causing a brain or spinal cord injury, blindness, cancer or by leaving you with joints that must be replaced for them to properly function once again.
  • You are left permanently disabled.
  • Your medical bills are extremely high due to the nature of your injury and the care needed to treat you.
  • Your recuperation period is very long. As a result, you suffer lost wages because you cannot work.
  • You must change your career path because your injury has left you unable to perform your duties in your current field.

The process of filing for workers’ compensation is usually straightforward. To start collecting benefits, the injured party must notify their employer of their injury, and the employer will complete the necessary paperwork. 

However, if your injuries require long-term or permanent treatment you will need to file a high-value claim. If this is the case, consider seeking legal assistance to help you pursue the benefits to which you are entitled.


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