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California telecom towers: A high (risk) work environment

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2024 | Workplace Accidents

California’s growing dependence on mobile data has fueled a boom in cell tower construction and maintenance. Tower technician jobs are plentiful and promise a good income. However, this side of the telecommunications industry poses substantial injury risks.

Thrill seekers, beware: Tower tech jobs may even be too dangerous for you. Learn about the risks before entering this field, and then be cautious every moment of the day.

Cell tower technicians face many dangers, but some stand apart from others due to their capacity to cause devastating injuries. Here are three examples.

Falls from heights

Since cell towers can reach 1,000 feet or more, falls are a top cause of death and catastrophic injury for techs and climbers. Safety equipment failures and weather can increase your fall risks.

Electrical incidents

Communication towers contain high-voltage equipment that poses a severe risk of electrocution. Contact with energized components leads to burns, nerve damage, cardiac arrest and even death.

Suspended load failures

If the load fails when hoisting suspended equipment up the tower, it can strike ground-level employees and those stationed high on the tower. Load failures often result in catastrophic injuries or death.

Most cell tower climbers and technicians are entitled to injury benefits after a workplace accident. California’s robust workers’ compensation program covers medical expenses, replaces lost wages and provides additional benefits in the face of a life-changing work injury.

Unfortunately, some injured workers have trouble accessing their due benefits. Their employer or the company providing workers’ comp insurance may deny a claim, sometimes without due cause.

Having experienced legal guidance can help your workers’ compensation claim passes muster the first time around or file an appeal if you receive a claim denial notice instead of the benefits you expected.


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