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Signage about dangerous dogs may be a liability

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2018 | Animal Bites

Animals have an irreplaceable role by our sides. Domesticated pets are a big part of how young people learn to value life and adults’ network of stress-relieving companions. So when poor training or an aggressive disposition make an animal dangerous to us, it is often unexpected and difficult to get past.

Dogs are the most popular pet animal in the United States, as well as California. The Golden State has specific laws regarding a person’s responsibility for a pet dog, especially if breeding or experience has shown the dog is aggressive and dangerous to people.

Californians are responsible for their dogs attacking other people even for a first offense. If a dog has attacked a person or even another dog in a documented incident, the animal may be considered dangerous. This increases the owner’s responsibility, as well as the criminal penalties for future attacks.

In some cases, a judge may rule for the victim of a dog bite if there was any reason to believe the dog was dangerous. Even the posting of a “Beware of Dog” sign on a fence, premises or home can demonstrate that an owner was aware of the risk during a lawsuit regarding an injury caused by the dog.

The victims of domesticated animal attacks like dog bites and scratches may sue for financial restitution to cover medical expenses and emotional distress following a serious injury. An attorney can help victims and their families sort through the evidence, learn about an offending animal’s history and work with clients until a case has been successfully concluded.


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