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How does someone contract rabies?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Animal Bites

One of the biggest fears that humans have when interacting with animals is contracting a potentially deadly disease such as rabies from them. This medical condition can result in serious neurological problems and even result in an individual’s death. Rabies can be transmitted to a human anytime they come in contact with an infected animal’s saliva, brain or nervous system tissue.

Individuals generally contract rabies from being bitten by rabid animals. There are, however, rare instances in which humans have contracted the deadly condition after they’ve been exposed to infectious tissue or bodily fluids through scratches, abrasions or open wounds though. Research has not yet shown that a person can contract rabies simply by petting an infected animal or by making contact with their blood, urine or feces.

Although it’s rare, some individuals have contracted this condition after inhaling aerosolized rabies particles in a lab setting. There are other cases in which individuals have contracted the condition after receiving corneal or organ transplants.

A person may be able to, in theory, get infected with rabies through contact with another person that has the condition. There haven’t been any documented cases of this happening though. The rabies virus becomes noninfectious once it dries out or a person’s wound is exposed to sunlight.

Pet owners are required to keep their animals vaccinated against rabies. A person can be held liable if their pet attacks someone and they become injured or infected with rabies. If a person is attacked by an infected animal, then they can potentially sue the pet owner by filing a claim with their homeowner’s insurance policy.

Contracting rabies can be life-threatening. Individuals who seek treatment early enough can recover from this condition. They’ll generally have to undergo a treatment that involves receiving painful injections in the abdomen to do so though.

You may be entitled to monetary compensation if you’ve contracted rabies after being bitten or otherwise attacked by an infected pet. An attorney can advise you of the responsibilities that pet owners have to keep their pets vaccinated and restrained here in San Mateo. Your lawyer can also let you know what legal remedies that you may be eligible to pursue here in California if a pet owner was negligent in upholding those responsibilities.


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