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How can lawsuits help people injured in public spaces?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Premises Liability

If a business is welcoming you inside, they owe you more than a hello. Public spaces need to be safely accessible to the public, and the details of what “safety” means have changed over the years. For the most part, store owners and others are expected to keep pace with the changes.

  • How do these updates happen?

Moves to change these standards often start with small lawsuits that claim that someone was negligent about public safety and put their guests or invitees in danger. The burden of preventing foreseeable accidents is always on the party best able to take action — like a shopkeeper.

  • What if someone was hurt because a public space was unsafe?

A lawsuit to claim financial damages is a practical move if people have suffered serious medical issues after a slip, trip or fall in a public space. This is a good move if a person suffered real pain with injuries and the space itself was arguably unsafe.

  • How are public spaces unsafe?

Walkways must be predictably clear, so obstructions like unmarked merchandise or shelves may constitute an unsafe space. Slippery surfaces that were not made more secure with slip-resistant pads may also be a hazard.

  • Who can help if an injury has happened?

A lawsuit in a premises liability case may lead to a settlement or a jury verdict. An attorney is most likely the best person to help file a suit in the appropriate civil court. Legal representation means you can focus on recovery with the security of knowing someone is representing your interests in the civil legal realm.


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