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Back injuries and workers’ comp

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | workers' compensation, Workplace Accidents

A person who suffers a back injury might wake up one morning and discover they have extreme difficulty moving. Sometimes, the injury is a minor sprain that requires several days to heal. Other times, the injury could be so severe that surgery is the only way to treat the problem. California employees who are forced to miss work because of a back injury may turn to workers’ compensation benefits to help them financially during the recovery period.

Back problems and the workplace

Back troubles are common workplace problems and account for 25% of all work environment injuries. Often, lifting a heavy object may cause an acute strain, but repetitive motion back woes could catch up with someone. Workers in professions involving physical activity might be at risk for back injuries, although sedentary jobs may cause back issues.

A worker could follow some steps to prevent back injuries, such as learning the proper posture required to perform a lift. Bad posture may undermine the back muscles, leading to harm. Not lifting more than what someone’s strength level can handle seems wise, as is not lifting or performing physical tasks when feeling pain in the back.

Injuries at work

A back injury might leave someone incapacitated, forcing them to join a list of high-value workers’ comp cases. Reporting the injury without delay is typically recommended since delays might undermine the claim. Undergoing the mandated medical examination is another necessary step. Workers’ compensation is an employer-based insurance program, and claims could face denials when the claimant does not follow proper procedures.

A denied claim does not always reflect the final decision. However, successfully appealing a denied claim involves presenting evidence that counters the reason for the denial.


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