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Truck drivers and shoulder injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Workplace Accidents, workplace injuries

Most assume that truck drivers run the most significant injury risks from vehicle collisions. While an accident on a California highway may leave the trucker with serious injuries, there are other ways the driver could get hurt. Driving a truck is more physical than people outside the profession realize, and drivers are prone to shoulder problems. Commercial truckers might benefit from taking steps to reduce the chances of shoulder woes.

Protecting the shoulder

Of course, drivers don’t raise and lower a truck’s trailer by physically lifting the massive bed. They rely on the laws of physics by cranking the landing gears. The cranking motion raises and lowers the trailer with apparent ease, but the shoulder might suffer issues from repetitive stress.

Positioning might help when hoping to avoid shoulder woes. Standing parallel to the trailer when raising it may seem like a minor step, but it could reduce shoulder woes significantly. When lowering the trailer, cranking from a frontal position might be preferable.

Truck drivers shouldn’t ignore the potential problems that may derive from sitting in the driver’s seat for long stretches. Poor body mechanics and positioning might lead to shoulder issues, among other problems. Over time, poor body mechanics when operating the truck or lifting objects might result in repetitive stress injuries. Also, improper lifting may cause an acute injury.

Injuries and workers’ comp

Although a truck driver might take every precaution possible to avoid a shoulder injury, accidents happen. In time, repeating the same motions could wear down the rotator cuff or cause other harm. So, the driver may need surgery or another treatment to deal with their situation. Workers’ compensation benefits may help the driver address income concerns when unable to work due to job-related injuries.

Filing for workers’ compensation benefits requires following several deliberate steps timely. However, some workers might discover a legitimate claim gets denied. Things may continue, as an appeals process could reverse an adverse decision.


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