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Holding Companies Accountable When Their Products Cause Injury

The products we use every day at work and at home are supposed to be designed with our safety in mind. Manufacturers are required to follow strict federal regulations when they build their products and although they generally succeed, there are times when there are failures in overall design, safety or in the manufacture of a particular batch of products that cause injury to the people who use them.

When this happens, the company or companies that built the product are accountable for the injury their products cause. The Law Offices of Vincent J. Scotto, III, has years of experience in handling these products liability cases in conjunction with California workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. We thoroughly investigate the events of your accident to see where the fault should be laid. We may find that not only is the manufacturer of the product liable, but also one of their vendors. We use every avenue of liability in your case to ensure that your probable settlement will cover all of the damage done to you — past, present and future.

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When you work with us, you will receive our hands-on treatment. You will meet with one of our lawyers who will answer all of your questions and address your concerns. Our firm works diligently to move cases through the process quickly so that you have the resources you need to recover from your injuries.

Our San Mateo products liability attorneys see many cases of dangerous products, mostly in conjunction with workplace accidents but also for individuals who are using tools or products in and around their homes. We have an excellent reputation for dealing with these cases and have brought many of them to successful resolutions. We can do the same for yours.

Verdict Success: We recovered a mid-six-figure recovery for a 19-year-old client whose hand was severely injured in a radial saw that had the guard removed. An additional low six-figure recovery was recovered in workers’ compensation benefits.

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You can reach us at our office in San Mateo at 650-375-2301, or our office in Martinez at 925-231-0726, or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation. All cases are taken on a contingency basis so you do not pay a fee unless your case is successfully settled.