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Establishing Damages Claims In Defective Product Cases

At The Law Offices of Vincent J. Scotto, III, we use our experience and familiarity with product liability litigation to benefit our clients in two different ways. First, we help people recover the damages they need when injured by defective consumer, automotive or industrial products in freestanding personal injury lawsuits.

If you need advice about your litigation options in a suspected product liability case, you can reach out to one of our convenient offices in San Mateo or Martinez for a free consultation. We also handle product defect cases on behalf of clients who first approached us with a workers’ compensation problem or a car accident claim. No matter how your case originates, you’ll find that our ability to analyze and pursue design or manufacturing defects represents a powerful strength of our practice.

When Workers’ Comp And Product Liability Intersect

In a workers’ comp setting, our product liability practice expands your options for pursuing personal injury damages in addition to your benefits application. In a personal injury case, the prospect of a defective product claim protects you when a more obvious defendant’s insurance coverage won’t be enough to cover the full range of your losses.

Defective product claims are notoriously expensive to develop and present. Proof of a design or manufacturing defect, or even a failure to warn of a known defect, typically depends on expert analysis and testimony. Our law firm has the resources and experience necessary to assume the risks involved in these cases, and our clients never need to pay out of pocket to commence or maintain a product liability lawsuit.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Case With An Attorney For Free

Whether your case involves construction equipment defects, or any type of product defect, our attorneys can advise you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Contact The Law Offices of Vincent J. Scotto, III, at 650-375-2301 for a free consultation in San Mateo or Martinez, California.