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Health Care Worker Claims in San Mateo, California

Injury and Accident Claims in the Health Care Sector

While people are not quick to think of health care as a dangerous profession, hospital and home care workers injured by falls, sprains while moving heavy patients, or exposure to infections or needle sticks are all too aware of the hazards of the profession. For advice about the most effective ways to recover workers’ compensation benefits for injuries suffered in any health care profession, contact the Law Offices of Vincent J. Scotto, III.

In the health care sector, we have helped injured workers recover workers’ compensation benefits under permanent partial disability ratings for a wide range of traumatic injuries and chronic conditions:

  • Fractures, disc herniation and severe soft tissue trauma suffered while moving heavy hospital patients or nursing home residents
  • Slip and fall injuries on wet floors or badly lit stairways
  • Injuries caused by unsafe property conditions at home health care client residences
  • Hepatitis and other infections suffered through exposure in clinical settings

As well as supporting your benefits claim with detailed medical documentation and solid evidence on disability issues, our lawyers protect health care workers from the early suspension or termination of benefits and a premature return to work from a back or shoulder injury.

Find out more about the ways our experience can help get your claim moving and keep it on track. Contact the Law Offices of Vincent J. Scotto, III, in San Mateo or Martinez.