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Legal Advice For Injured Airline Employees In The Bay Area

If you have been hurt as a baggage handler, fueler or other ground crew worker in the airline industry, you might have a claim for workers’ compensation. You also may experience problems with the early termination of benefits or a low partial disability rating. If you need advice about the most effective ways to approach your California workers’ comp claim in the airline industry, contact us at The Law Offices of Vincent J. Scotto, III, for help.

Prompt Client Service Employees With Work Injury Claims

We represent airline industry workers on the full range of traumatic and chronic work-related injuries.

  • Strains, sprains and tears in the soft tissues of the wrist, back, shoulder or hip
  • Airplane towing or push-out accidents
  • Rolling stock accidents involving baggage tractors, ramps, fuel trucks or lavatory trucks
  • Baggage handler injuries
  • Flight attendant injuries

Most injuries in the airline industry occur on the ground at the airport terminal or on the way to the tarmac. In the catastrophic or fatal injuries that result from crashes or emergency landings, our law firm can investigate your right to personal injury damages for negligence on the part of a manufacturer, inspector or repair contractor. Your rights in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit will be independent of your right to benefits in the workers’ compensation system.

Do I Need An Attorney?

You are entitled to benefits for any lost-time injury that keeps you away from work for at least three days. Most claims related to minor injuries go through smoothly and you probably will not need a lawyer’s help. If you have been cleared for returning to work before you feel ready to go back, however, our advice and representation can help you concentrate on your physical recovery while we focus on protecting your right to benefits.

Free Consultations About Your Injury Claim

With offices in San Mateo and Contra Costa counties, we are convenient for injured airline employees who work at any of the three major Bay Area airports. Our attorneys can protect you from the missteps in the early stages of a claim that could invite a challenge or reduce your benefits. Don’t leave the success, amount or duration of your benefits to chance. Call us at 650-375-2301 or send us an email.