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Representing Victims In Bay Area Truck Accident Litigation

The personal injury practice at The Law Offices of Vincent J. Scotto, III, has a detailed understanding of the important differences between car accident cases and truck accident claims. There is more to getting the most out of an accident claim involving a semi truck or delivery van than focusing on the size and weight of the commercial vehicle. To learn how you can benefit from our experience and insights, contact us in San Mateo or Martinez for a free consultation.

The Experience To Handle Your Case Capably

From the trial lawyer’s perspective, the most important difference to deal with at the beginning of a personal injury claim has to do with investigating the facts that will be essential to proving liability against the driver, the owner or a manufacturer. Federal safety regulations provide detailed descriptions of the steps owners and operators must take with respect to the tractor-trailer combination itself, inspection and maintenance records, proper rest for the driver, and hiring and training practices.

We use our familiarity with these regulations to guide our early inquiries into the causes of the accident. We also review the truck’s on-board data records with experts who can comment on the performance of the vehicle and the actions taken by the driver in the time leading up to the crash.

The Knowledge To Take On Powerful Insurance Companies

Another important difference concerns the nature of the insurance available to meet the damages claims of the accident victims. In a catastrophic or fatal car accident, there’s a chance that all of the insurance available won’t be enough to cover the damages that the plaintiff can prove. That is not generally a problem in a truck accident case. Commercial liability insurance coverage in the trucking industry should not fall below $1 million per event, and it is usually higher. Although you’ll be able to collect the damages you eventually prove, an early settlement for the policy limits isn’t generally an option.

Your attorneys will need to prove every component of your damages demand over tough defense opposition. Our law firm’s experience and skill means that you won’t need to back down from sophisticated defense tactics. Once we develop a working understanding of the value of your case, we will not recommend a settlement in a lesser amount just to bring the case to a close.

Contact Us For Prompt Service And A Free Consultation

Clients of our law firm benefit from our willingness to fight for their rights in high-stakes litigation involving 18-wheelers or other commercial vehicles. To learn more about our experience with the complexities of a truck accident case, contact The Law Offices of Vincent J. Scotto, III, in San Mateo or Martinez, California, by calling 650-375-2301 or by using our online contact form.